I recently discovered Michael Rossback music on thesixtyone and I do not know why I haven’t heard him before, his acoustic rock songs along with an impressive voice, similar to Chris Martin’s, just made me buy all 4 of his independent albums… with no regrets. Micheal Rossback spends most of his time in the studio producing other artist but that has not stopped him from recording his own music. Although most of his songs are comprised of acoustic instrumentals, his songs have a heavy rock influence. In addition, some of his songs have an experimental foundation that combined with his heavy but soothing rock voice, makes you compare him to popular bands like Radiohead and Coldplay. Micheal has taken me by surprised and I hope he does the same to you. I have included one of the most experimental sounding songs from him titled “In Dreams” from his album “In Dreams” released March of last year. “Carry My Weight” is a poetic, slow rock song from his album “Angels in Between the Lines
” released independently February of 2008. It is emotionally powerful enough to appear in a soundtrack of a TV show on some type of romantic farewell scene. On the same album, there is a much mellow, acoustic guitar, soft song titled “Best Dreams” that’s lyrics are as gentle as they sound sincere. I probably like this song a lot due to its lyrics that go “Give love away, live your tomorrow, today” a phrase that  everyone should try to live by.

In Dreams

”In Dreams”

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Carry My Weight

”Carry My Weight for You”

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Best Dreams

”Best Dreams”

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