For a debut release, “Symptoms” is one hell of a first look. Soulful, bluesy, and larger than life, it immidiately grabs a hold, refusing to let you go.

This is the first experience I’ve had with Moncrieff, and I’m sure some of you are in the same boat. Yet, it shouldn’t take you more than thirty seconds before you realize that you’ll soon be hearing more and more of this London-based raconteur.

“Symptoms” certainly displays an anthemic nature, one which alludes to sync deals lining up around the block. Set to the backdrop of haunting guitar riffs, big, booming percussion, and rhythmic claps, it’s a genuine thrill ride through-and-through. While the instrumentals are immensely powerful, they wouldn’t be as impactful without the most engaging part of this experience — the god damn vocals. Lyrics, resonance, and vocal tone combined — they’re just so, so good.

Symptoms is essentially a song for people who’s only religion is for making bad decisions”. There is something irresistible about being in a slightly unpredictable relationship. Somehow the highs and good times seem so much more vivid and defined. Not good for your health on many different levels but that doesn’t stop people from choosing it.

Though the track has been out for a month now, we’re bringing you the first look at the accompanying music video. Taking inspiration from Quentin Tarantino and neo-noir films, both of which have influenced Moncreiff’s songwriting, it’s as thrilling as the track itself. Which, says quite a bit.

Before you dive in, though, please note that he has two live shows coming up, which you should really check out, if you can swing it.

October 1st, London, Notting Hill Arts Club (Communion showcase)
October 3rd, New York, Rockwood Music Hall (Communion showcase)

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