Although starting out as just slowed-down house music with a dembow riddim and mid-tempo, moombahton has quickly become a global phenomenon on the EDM circuit. Drawing influences from reggaeton, trance, trap, dubstep, and many more, this genre has transcended and created a new sound for music lovers to vibe to. In just three years, creators Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom have worked with some great acts to make this movement happen. On their latest single “Snake Juice”, the duo pairs with VA DJ’s Gent and Jawns to create an infectious dance banger. Off their upcoming T&A records compilation Moombahton Forever, set to drop January 17th, this eclectic tune is filled with many sounds and rhythms that makes it work as both a chill tune or dance floor motivator.

’Nadastrom and Gent & Jawns – Snake Juice (OUT JANUARY 17TH – MOOMBAHTON FOREVER COMP)’
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