People in ours lives come and go. Some are here for a good minute, some manage to hang on by the thin string of being a Facebook friend you can’t quite remember adding. But there is always that one person. The one friend who makes their permanent mark. The one who no matter the distance, the time that passes, the shit that happens, you can call up and carry on like not a minute has been spent apart. Something we probably all take for granted. So today, on this take-a-minute Tuesday, take-a-minute to call, text, email, sky write a little something to your buddy to let them know you appreciate them. Throw in an indie dojo playlist while your at it, cause, well, that’s what friends are for.

Download Zip:Indie Dojo August Round #2 [Mediafire]

Astronauts, Etc. – Mystery Colors
Alameda – Summer Dharma
Trails and Ways – Mtn Tune
Jake Klar – Bring Flowers To My Grave
Blessed Feathers – Hey All You Floridians
The Lovely Sparrows – While Sailing
WILSEN – ‘Dusk’
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