DOWNLOAD ZIP: Indie Dojo July Round #1

A holiday made for drinking falling on a day in the middle of the week can be such a tease and can also make for a pretty rough return to work on Thursday. But to shed a positive light (as we always like to do), think of it as getting 2 Friday’s in one week. And to that we say, America. Fuck yeah.

From all of us at The Music Ninja, we would like to wish a Happy and Safe 4th to all of you in the US, a Happy Belated Canadian Day to those to north of us, and a Happy “Free Indie Dojo Playlist” day to everyone else around the world.

Milo Greene – Silent Way
yOya – Fireworks
Swear and Shake – The Light
Mike Clark – Smooth Sailin’
Tyler Lyle – The Golden Age & The Silver Girl
WolfRider – For You(Travelin Bags)
River City Extension – Ballad of Oregon Master
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