Sometimes the most endearing thing about the music we find is the tiny imperfections of an indie recording. The subtle hiss, the breath in the microphone, the laugh at the end of the track, the voice crack. All the things that make the music something real, something we can relate to. Perfection is overrated. Perfectly imperfect is where it’s at. Because we fall in love with perfections that may be imperfections to someone else. And if a song in the playlist has too many imperfections for you, delete it. Someone else will probably have it on repeat for the next 2 days. It will all even itself out eventually…

Download Zip: Indie Dojo July Round #3 [Mediafire]

Connor Youngblood
Tom Eddy
Light Pilot
Tire Swing
Cave Country
Constant Arrival
The Boombox Hearts
Cover Me


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