Life has been known to change at any time, at any place, quite unexpectedly. A thought that can be completely horrifying if dwelled upon, yes. But without the trials and tribulations we face on a day to day, there would be nothing worth creating music around. And without music, our day’s would be filled with nothing but dead-air. Way worse that a little change to our routine here and there. So to those who are willing to embrace their ups and downs with an instrument or two, the ones who are willing to listen thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Download Zip: Indie Dojo June Round #3 [Mediafire]

The Real Efforts of Real People –¬†Clean Hands & A Pure Heart
Smith & Frank – Charlie
White Blush – Without You
Nathan Alan – Missing You
Josh Gilligan – Hands
Forestears – Neighbour
Lets Buy Happiness - Works Better On Paper


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