Ever hear a song for the first time and your immediate response is “Really?? Someone let them go out like that???” Unfortunately, we know that reaction all too well. Now, we ain’t promising you’re gonna fall madly, deeply in love with every song on the Indie Dojo, but we do promise to drop kick as many craptastic ones as we can. And if you think otherwise, by all means, let us know. Suggestions, comments and/or rants as always welcome over at allegra[at]themusicninja.com. The flood gates have been opened.

’Smooth Hound Smith – The Minutes’
’Smoke Signal – Black Holes featuring Rocco DeLuca’
’Whetherman – Simple Lives’
’Deertree – The Little Boy Lost’
’Quiet Hounds – Calling All Gamma Rays’
’Adam Stafford – Fire & Theft (LP Version)’
’Isaac Delusion – Early Morning’



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