indie-dojo-music-ninjaFamiliar with the daytime heavy eyes? Those moments when you swear you have 50 pound weights hanging off each one of your eyelashes and no matter where you sit or stand, you find yourself wiping a quick drool from the side of your mouth? Where no triple shot coffee, no energy drink, no cold splash to the face can give your eyelids the strength of bodybuilder to lift that dead weight? And all you want to do is feel your head on your sweet, sweet pillow…Until we look at the clock and realize there is 10 hours still left in our day.  We know the only real cure is sleep but maybe, just maybe if we turn up our music to levels beyond extreme, it might just work. Cause a ninja’s gotta do what a ninja’s gotta do…

’The Kindling – Hunting Stars’
’The Ceremonies – Ballroom Bones’
’Andy Burrows – Company’
’Water Liars – Linens’
’Owls Of The Swamp – The Hypnotist’
’Buffalo Tales – Whispering Willow’
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