Ever have one of those whirlwind weeks where everything seems to pile up around you?  Where it honestly feels like there is a negative amount of hours in the day because you just can’t get shit done? Where everything goes the opposite of right basically? And then one day, it all subsides. The things you needed to be done are somehow magically done, yet it’s all a blur when you look back on how. The thing is, we shouldn’t be living life in a blur. What we need to realize is that things will always get done. Maybe not always the right way, but even when you do things wrong you learn and move on. So, unless you are a Doctor, most of us aren’t out there saving babies. Take a deep breath, throw on an Indie Dojo, and relax. Things will always pan out and life will always move on…

Download zip: Indie Dojo (September 2012 Round #2)

Little Lo
Wounded Knee
Patric Lindvall
Still I Run
Queen and the Sultan
The Reflections
Summer Days
Cars & Trains
Mother Falcon
Alligator Teeth
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