Although people don’t last forever, the musically inclined do. No matter the amplitude of popularity, musicians have the ability to leave a mark in history with digital files that never grow old or saggy. Sure, there will be songs that are buried under the vast amounts of musical souls floating through the underworld of the internets, but in this case, it’s not illegal (or creepy) to dig themĀ  back up. Now if you are a music lover more than you are a music maker, you yourself have a super important job. You gotta keep that shit alive. And what a perfect day to start that mission with a download of the Indie Dojo. Pass it along for a life of eternal listening pleasure and you have done your part in the circle of life (add dramatic Lion King drums here).

Silent Rider – Skin
Ewert and the Two Dragons – Good Man Down
Signals – You Could Call It Art
Lucius – Turn It Around
Cheek Mountain Thief – Cheek Mountain
Farewell J.R – a thought, a mind
Colour Sun – Wild Garlic
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