Welcome, Ninjas, to the first installment of the Trance Dojo. All the contributors working behind the scenes on this site revel in being able to introduce readers to snippets of a sonic world that previously may have seemed inexistent to them.

We filter through mass amounts of music to find and bring to you what we all think is the best and most unique, and we do this through our Dojos and everyday posts. The foundation of the ninja experience revolves around this music discovery. The masterful Trap and Chill Dojos help to cover a gap in an area of electronic music that was once missing from this site. This newest Dojo promises to deliver the same thing.

Electro moves the feet, Dubstep filths the faces, and Progressive House basses the heart away. But Trance…Trance reaches into the soul. While listening through this list, trance harmonies will rain down through judgment-free 8-bar patterns to leave no person unloved and no breath untaken. Legendary names like Tiesto and Sander Van Doorn built their early careers by delivering trance anthems to the world. By no means is this a new genre just exploding on to the scene. Ever since breaking out in the early 1990’s the kingdom of trance has been lead by the one, the only… Armin Van Buuren.

Featuring Armin’s newest track, “I’ll Listen,” this playlist shows off a mix of releases from artists available only through Beatport, with a few songs available for free download. From Wezz Devall’s newest release to the masterful New Hero remix we are proud to present to you the very first Trance Dojo. Enjoy.

’Wezz Devall – We are the future (Original Mix)’
’Armin Van Buuren – Ill Listen (Original Mix)’
’Genix – Destinations’
’AliPa – Trancentimental Journey (Original Mix) ‘
’The Crusher – Original’
’W&W – Moscow (New Hero Bootleg)’

    If that is not enough trance for one day, understandable, then have a listen to Armin Van Buuren’s weekly broadcast A State of Trance Ep. 578. This week’s broadcast was simply amazing.

’Armin van Buuren – A State of Trance 578 – 13.09.2012 ‘
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