We’re fresh into the triple figures now, and it’s interesting to hear how the sounds we feature have developed since the very beginning. Case in point, Kasbo kicks off edition 101 with some future bass goodness, demonstrating the evolution of the kind of music that push this chill playlist into the expansive reaches of electronic music. ‘Kaleidoscope’ is a more than appropriate title for this magnificent aural experience, with the cosmic effects seeming to manifest themselves into visions of color inside the listener’s mind. From reflections of light to sensations of pure serenity, Dutch producer Arman Cekin has conjured up some sun-kissed vibes truly befitting the name ‘Smooth Waves’. The feel-good acapella sampling coupled with the beach-side atmosphere combine for the perfect backdrop to your next majestic summer holiday. Repeat this song enough times and you’ll already be halfway on a plane to get there. With a new Flight Facilities track hitting the site this week, there was no doubting it would appear in the features for this week’s Dojo as well. The ethereal new original from the Australian act may just be the chillest we’ve heard from them so far, scoring points in our book for just about every single element they’ve included in this blissful 7-minute dreamscape.

Another vocal delight comes courtesy of this gorgeous cover of ‘Sky Full of Stars’ from Michael Schulte, given additional tropical treatment from Germany’s Shoby. The electronic pop style of the original is replicated to perfection, with flute and bright acoustics breathing a softer voice to the uplifting melody of this 2014 anthem. Much like many of his Norwegian countrymen, Matoma is one of the best in the business when it comes to similar kinds of tropical transformations, and the past few days have seen two new remixes from the talented workhorse. Saturated in his signature string-filled melodies, he’s worked another spell over these two to ensure your bank of summer tunes continues to grow despite the season coming to a close. Now we’ve posted our fair share of takes on the sexy Ciara hit, but when you hear a version as good as this, how could we possibly resist another? Trust a Frenchman to take things to the next level of smooth, and ALVY has done that and so much more with this sultry number. Silky chords and deep vocal sampling are the ingredients which have our ears infatuated with this one, ensuring that the memorable lyrics continue to be spun for a long time to come.

The sounds may change over time, but the chill vibes of the Dojo will always be undying. Peace out.

Chill Dojo #101 zip

’Kasbo – Kaleidoscope’
’Arman Cekin – Smooth Waves’
’Flight Facilities – Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise (Extended Version)’
’Coldplay – Sky Full Of Stars (Michael Schulte Cover) (Shoby Edit)’
’Imagine Dragons – It’s Time (Matoma Tropical Remix)’
’Truls – The Next (Matoma Remix)’
’Ciara – Love Sex Magic (Alvy Remix)’
’Knight One – Hollow (Les Loups Remix)’
’Icona Pop – Get Lost (Tobtok Remix)’
’Miami Horror – Wild Motion (RAC Mix)’
’Miami Horror – Wild Motion (Rogue Vogue Remix)’
’The Magician  – Sunlight (Darius Remix)’
’Futurecop! – Sun Is Mine feat. Mereki (Cesare Remix)’
’Embody – Bad News’
’Pretty Pink Feat. Ian Late – Hey Girl (Pretty Pink Mix)’
’Dinnerdate – Filou’
’Viceroy – The Life Ft. Penguin Prison (Two Can Remix)’
’Tapes – Find Y.O.U.’
’20syl – Seven Eleven Feat Ibrahim Maalouf’
’Moods – Flashback’
’Sebell – Promiseland (Stint Remix)’
’Lqd Hrmny – Time (Original Mix)’
’Hatch – New Direction’
’Son House – John The Revelator (Charlie Beale Remix)’
’Jordan Bratton – Must Be (esta Remix)’
’Sia – Breathe Me (Metwally Edit)’
’Krono feat. Linying  – Run (ManiezzL Remix)’
’Disclosure – Latch (Chas Bronz & Ser Clave Remix)’
’Midnight Pool Party – If You Were Mine (Baby) (cln Remix)’
’IGLOOGHOST – Bristol Airport (feat. Riley Lake)’
’Howie Lee – Yrmt Feat.I Am Kaiju (NeguimBeats Remix)’
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