Sometimes humanity can shock us with news that shakes the very foundations of our belief in our fellow person. Times like these are difficult no doubt, and there’s not much that can be said that can make sense of it in any way. But it’s these moments where more than ever, we need a reminder that the world is still a beautiful place, and as much as there is potential for evil, there is so much more good happening everyday that goes unheard. So here’s to all that is good in life, and all those that work towards making the world a better place.

One such example of this beauty is a remix of The xx by a mysterious newcomer to the producing game, Whomi. Not much information exists about this artist, with only one other song on Souncloud which featured in our playlist two weeks ago. But if the vibes in these debut tracks are anything to go by, it’s a name that you will definitely see in dojos to come. Following this is another remix of The xx, courtesy of John Talabot and Pional, who morph the original into a hypnotic house track clocking in at over 8 minutes. The Chill Dojo has seen plenty of remixes of the UK group, but it’s no surprise given the style of their latest album ‘Coexist’, and its potential for mellow reworks. A name which would be far from expected in this playlist is California’s infectious beatmaker TJR, and with a remix of Queen no less! It’s definitely a quirky take on ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, but there is no doubting the chilled vibes it delivers. Revisiting a post from earlier in the week, it was impossible to look past another artist from the Golden State in Broke for Free. This is one of those mellow jams that allow you to lose yourself for a few minutes and just enjoy the sweetness your ears consume. If you’re a regular to our fine establishment, you’ll also find some names you’ve recently grown familiar with in Sizzlebird and WiSkim, who again gift us with some quality free tracks. And finally, who better to feature in our reggae track of the week than the new prince of Rasta, Snoop Lion, who when combined with the production mastery of Major Lazer, is a recipe for pure unfiltered relaxation.

Apologies for the delay on the dojo this week due to some technical hiccups. Hopefully we are still in time to start your week off right. Make it one where you take the initiative to spread the love where you can! Peace out (and emphasis on the peace).

Chill Dojo #16 zip

’The XX – Crystalised (Whomi Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD’
’The xx – Chained (John Talabot Pional Blinded Remix).mp3′
’Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (TJR remix/bootleg)’
’Broke For Free – Budding’
’Raindrops (Free)’
’WiSkiM – Back to Space’
’Figure 8 (Toyboy & Robin Remix) – Ellie Goulding’
’Georgia Fair – My New Home (Talul Remix)’
’Urban Cone – Deja Vú (Oliver Nelson Remix)’
’Birdy – People Help the People (Cleindl Remix) **DL for Best Quality**’
’Ultraista – Gold Dayzz (Maribou State Remix)’
’10 Remi (Essáy Remix)’
’nExow – The Other Side.mp3′
’Birdy – Shelter (Owsey Remix)’
’Snoop Lion – Lighters Up (Featuring Mavado and Popcaan)’
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