The end of the year is a time when it’s common practice to make ourselves promises of drastic changes that are going to happen in the year ahead. To all these people with wild resolutions we offer but one bit of advice, chill out. Nothing will magically happen overnight when the calendar clicks over, so don’t sweat it. Just take 2013 as it comes, and do yourself a favor and keep it as easygoing as possible. We’ll do our best to help out along the way.

So before all the partying begins, take this time out at the end of 2012 to reflect on the year that was and the memories that were made. And there is no better tune to match this pensive state than the latest from Prototyperaptor, who tones things down from his usual hard-hitting style to deliver a beautiful piece of downtempo magic that feels like the score to an ending credits sequence. A forewarning on this one, it will evoke some serious nostalgia so prepare yourself for the feels. Next up is a track that is sure to put everyone in a feel-good mood, with the trapstyle edit of ‘Easy’ courtesy of Bring the Noise. It featured a few days ago here on TMN, but the uplifting nature of this release was a must for this final Chill Dojo for the year. Also fitting for this final playlist is another amazing tune from standout performer Sizzlebird, who this time tries his hand at remixing Zedd’s ‘Clarity’ into a chill masterpiece that is a definite standout amongst the saturation of attempts from other artists. And while we’re talking about the highlights of 2012, you can’t go passed Major Lazer’s ‘Get Free’ as one of the chill tracks of the year. We’ve featured quite a few remixes since the dojo’s inception, and the recent rework from Swiss producers Adriatique breathes new life into the popular hit which is perfect to play out as we welcome the start of a new year. Keep on vibing though because the next song by Canada’s Wet Paint is an absolute mellow jam, and that is all that needs to be said. Finally, chill DnB has been one of the more popular requests we’ve received across the weeks, so we conclude the final edition of 2012 with five dreamlike tunes to carry you off into 2013.

And that officially wraps up the Chill Dojo for 2012. We hope that we’ve managed to bring much joy and relaxation to the latter part of your year, and you’ll continue to vibe with us through the good times ahead! Peace out.

Chill Dojo #18 zip

’PrototypeRaptor – 26th’
’Porter Robinson & Mat Zo – Easy (Bring The Noise Remix)’
’Zedd – Clarity (Feat. Foxes) (SizzleBird Remix).mp3′
’Adriatique, Get Free (Adriatiques Lazers Never Die Rework)’
’The Rain Came Down’
’Sweetness Alive Feat. Saint Lou Lou – (GOOD NIGHT KEATON REMIX)’
’throw up’
’T.e.e.d – garden (shisa chopped n screwed)’
’Julia Losfelt – Mojo So Dope (Kid Cudi cover)’
’Saint Saviour – Reasons (Maribou State Remix)’
’Digital:Twist – Through The Mindless (Artist Recordings 2012) (FREE DOWNLOAD)’
’14.Loz Contreras – Rocking You (Mixed And Mastered By Digital:Twist) (OUT NOW) (FREE DOWNLOAD)’
’Bulb & Cahb – Nocturne (feat. CoMa) (FREE / Artist Recordings)’
’Jakwob – Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix)’
’Hybrid Minds – Blame’
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