For many people, this week in April is one of the most laidback times of the year. It’s a time that goes hand in hand with the celebration of chill music, so look no further for those mellow tunes you desire.

Dojo number 34 kicks off with a amazingly funky beat from Lindsay Lowend, released under his alias Bib. ‘Take my Heart’ is a jam, plain and simple, packed with catchy vocal elements and magical chords to be consumed in high doses to leave you smiling. We go from an incredible beat to incredible bass courtesy of Watapachi remixing the soulful hit ‘Love You Down’. The original gets slowed down with an injection of 808’s and heavy bass to create a serious love trap anthem. While the mood is set, it’s only fitting to move into this next remix from NY producer Obey City, who creates a stunning atmospheric track filled with stunning drumwork and ethnic strings. Sizzlebird is another masterful user of string elements within his chillstep works, and he again puts it on full display with his latest free download ‘First Light’. Ellie Goulding’s Halcyon Remix Album was released for download this week, and one of the highlights of the stream was this next effort from Kastle, who utilises garage vibes and vocal transformation to showcase the skills that make him one of the top producers in the game.

The rest of the playlist should provide you with a fitting soundtrack to continue the chill vibes for the week ahead. Peace Out.

Chill Dojo #34 zip

’Bib – Take My Heart (Keats//Collective VOL. 3)’
’PS 3 (Obey City Remix)’
’First Light ‘
’Ellie Goulding – My Blood (Kastle Remix)’
’Wolftek Feat. Jessika Dawn – Until The End (Vocal Mix)’
’You & Me ft. Eliza Doolittle’
’KLP – Roll With It’
’Touch Sensitive – Pizza Guy’
’Lucky Charms (Original Mix)’
’Kris Menace feat. Black Hills – Waiting For You (Fingerpaint Remix)’
’Satin Jackets – Dee Baby’
’Satin Jackets – Only You (Rogue Vogue Remix)’
’Satin Jackets feat. Patrick Baker – Only You (Delia D. Remix)’
’Sau Poler – Love Minded.mp3′
’Sau Poler – Isolated.mp3’
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