Sometimes there are weeks where it’s difficult to find time to switch off from everything and have a moment to yourself. If you have stumbled across this week’s Chill Dojo, then that is a sure sign that the time is right for you to enjoy that moment now. There has been plenty of stellar chill music to soak in recently, as well as some classics that deserve a feature for their timeless ability to drown out all the unwanted chaos of the daily grind.

If you missed our recent post on the release of the official music video for Jessie Ware’s “Night Light,” our first feature on this week’s playlist includes the incredibly mellow remix from Perseus, who superbly blends those vocals into a smooth euphoria. Next up is a new one from MartyParty, which as the song title suggests, captures a feeling that can only be described as sex for your ears. Also included is some new releases from Le Youth and Viceroy, who are two producers committed to spreading summer vibes all year round. Finally, rounding out this week are a few of the chill selections from the RAC’s Solé Fixtape,  which then inspired a throwback to more soothing tunes from Drop Out Orchestra. Altogether this makes for some serious downtime, so I hope you’ve settled in. Peace out.

’FREE MUSIC MONDAY: Jessie Ware – Night Light (Perseus Remix)’
’MartyParty – Summer Sex (Free DL)’
’Le Youth – C O O L’
’Talking Heads – This Must Be The Place (Viceroy Edit)’
’Two People – Jamrock.mp3′
’Hot Chip – How Do You Do Mickey Moonlight remix.mp3′
’Drop Out Orchestra
It Will Never Be The Same Again.mp3′
’Drop Out Orchestra – It Will Never Be The Same Again (Moullinex Remix)’
’Drop Out Orchestra feat. The Reverb Junkie – Sun Machine’
’Ba:sen (Pool Party Dub Mix)’
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