Any day can be a party day if you try hard enough. Statik Link doesn’t care if it’s Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or so forth, he came to turn things up. The funk aficionado is set to release his album, Carpe Momentum, at the end of the month, but today we present to you a music video for his single “We Came To Party” that came out this week as a free download.

“We Came To Party” in its audio only form is a bass-driven groovetastic treat. If one thing is for sure, Statik Link really did come to party, so you better be ready to join him. With the music video, we get an awe-striking animation that tells an interesting tale that you’ll just have to see for yourself. This whole package has got us quite excited for the full album to come. Like we said before, stay tuned for its release on May 23rd!

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