8 people with 5 instruments originally from 4 Continents speaking 3 languages for 1 song.

It started with a verse, each person just came and joined in, some are complete strangers, some only teenagers, all of us creators, we are the dreammakers, internationally transmitting through bandwidth, passin this bands passion so the masses can jam with us, all are invited to play, none are required to pay, let the
virus spread, inspire heads, go pirate away, this is that free music, for people who need music, just listen and breathe to it

Anytime you have people coming together driven by a common goal, amazing things are bound to happen. Humanity is alive because of the very fact that we are able to collaborate with each other (among other things). Whether it is as simple as doing a small study group with your classmates, trading goods between countries, to donating millions of dollars to donate for relief efforts of countries in need, the result of humanity coming together is always positive. In music however, not only is the result of collaborating immediate, but so is the process. We are expressing ourselves through instruments and communicating at the speed of sound. I think it is this characteristic of music, this personal bond between musician and listener, that makes the experience rewarding and attractive.

The internet not only brought us emails, porn, and google but it also created a platform where people can go one step further and collaborate. This song is a small example of the beauty that comes from mixing music, ethernet cables, and people.

Dumbfoundead – JAM SESSION 2.0.

’01 JAM SESSION 2.0.mp3′

Emcee: Dumbfoundead

Singer: Esna Yoon

Emcee: Herbal T (Portugese/Spanish/English)

MPC (Drum Machine): CAV3
“GHOST PHUNK” at http://CAV3.bandcamp.com

Guitar: Tio

Scratches: DJ Zo

Piano: Lukas (YoungPianoTV)

Bass: Chris Hong

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