After several tours stateside and abroad, a new full-length, (Constellations, February 19, 2010), and a lauded Austin City Limits performance, Balmorhea (pronounced bal-more-ay) is keeping up the momentum to finish 2010 with the release of Candor/Clamor. This 7″ will see a physical release on December 7, 2010 via Western Vinyl.

“Clamor” is ecstatic with its persistent piano propulsion, electrifying bass, and bombastic drums. If “Candor” is a tense and foggy dream, lost in a forest, beguiled by the angelic siren overhead, “Clamor” is the heart-pounding wake-up call.

The 7″ can be preordered and streamed with accompanying visuals at the newly launched

Balmorhea – Clamor

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