Theo Keatin, better known as Fake Blood is ready to make another imprint on the EDM Floor this year. Mr Blood has put out quite a few tracks since his first single ‘Mars’ was released in 2008, with a highlight track being “I Think I Like I“. Hard at work, Fake Blood will be releasing an album late 2011 as well as his Deep Red EP, featuring tracks “Deep Red”, “Voices” and “Medieval. All these songs can be previewed on the teaser he uploaded on his soundcloud account a couple of weeks ago here. However, some of these tracks have already been circulating and just to get you excited for whats to come, here is the full version of “Voices”.

Fake Blood’s Deep Red EP will be released September 11th.

Fake Blood – Voices


Fake Blood – “USED” Vol.4 by Fake Blood

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