From Upstate NY, Christopher Bell is a chamber music influenced, Folk/Alt-Country multi-instrumentalist. He blends guitar and banjo with plucked and bowed viola, looped and sampled live. He has recently released his new album “Cover EP” on Silent Home Records. Songs written by 5 diverse songwriters from across the country covered in Bell’s own style. Small string ensembles amended with trumpet, banjo, ukulele and percussion.

Christopher has the ability to capture and prologue melodies that slowly get exposed in a very simplistic mellow environment. All My Ghost has to be my favorite one from his album “Cover EP”, a playful folk sounding song so delicately presented that almost sounds like a soothing lullaby.

All My Ghosts


Pretty Thing


I always enjoy an artist that portrays passion and emotion through his music, no matter how simplistic it may sound, its usually a sign of a great composer. While I was checking out Bell’s myspace, I came across a video that shows just how committed to his music he really is.

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