There are way too many artists out here trying to promote their new track, their new single, the “one hit” that will give them fame and exposure. Yet there are few that instead of selling you their tracks, they provide you with an experience, an artistic interpretation of their own ideas and even dreams. Germany Germany, the brainchild of Canadian Drew Harris (who at this point I consider a genius of electronica up there with James Tamborello) is able to paint rich and vivid synthesized melodic stories that few artists can even dream of. With his beautifully layered songs, Drew induces dreams, sparks the imagination, all the while providing an adventurous array of sounds and instrumentation to keep your mind intrigued.

This very Sunday he will be releasing the album Adventures, which he describes as his way of “creating something unique rather than something perfectly produced through formulas and digital precision.” He explains to us his vision for his album:

Adventures is like this – as represented by the album art, it’s not clean and spotless… it is how I want it to sound but that doesn’t mean that it’s always perfect. The DIY aesthetic has always been fundamental to this project and by that definition, Adventures nearly sums up all that is Germany Germany. The past synth-pop, electro, ambient, etc. sounds have all been combined into 2 sides, 17 songs, 60 minutes

The result is a completely elaborate and equally chaotic masterpiece of electronica rooted with dreamy distorted melodies and synthesized elements that feel very organic and genuine. I have been waiting a long time for this album, and based on the next couple of tracks he released last night, Germany Germany delivered.

You can pre-order Adventures here:

Germany Germany – Natural (ft. Donne of TLGLTP)


Germany Germany – Cold Hands


Germany German – Too Fast

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