Brooklyn-based “Happy-go-lucky” duo Matt & Kim recently sat down with SPIN to talk about their thrid album, Sidewalks due to be released NEXT WEEK. They explained their inspiration from Gnarls Barkley’s ubiquitous hit “Crazy.

“Your mom, your three-year-old nephew, and your 60-year-old aunt were all into that song!” Matt Johnson said of “Crazy.” “You’d hear it at a club and you’d hear it at a grocery store. It was a genre-less song. We’ve toured with punk rock bands like Against Me! and hip-hop groups like the Cool Kids and DJs like Girl Talk. We’re universal — and we’re aiming for that genre-less sound.”

And as a preview to Sidewalks, they gave SPIN a preview to the incredibly cheerful synth-pop anthem “Going for Great” and we just couldn’t resist but to yank it for you all! As always, Matt & Kim new track is layered with electronic instrumentation without sacrificing their genuine organic sound. Such a great way to start the weekend! SING ALONG!

Matt & Kim – Going for Great

’Matt & Kim Goign for Great’

Bonus: Matt & Kim – Block After Block

’Matt & Kim – Block After Block.mp3′

Via SPIN Magazine

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