Untied States – Not Fences, Mere Masks

’Untied States – Not Fences Mere Masks’

Coming out of Atlanta, Untied States are a maniacal quartet intent on broadening, or destroying, the boundaries of rock music. With their mix of heavily distorted riffage, booming drums, dissonant noise, and supplementary electronics, it’s difficult to stick any one genre label on the group. They’re proggy, but not overly self-indulgent; they’re heavy but not metal; they’re too hard rocking to come across as pretentious but too smart, too eclectic to be straight-up hard rock. Untied States’ third full-length studio release, Instant Everything, Constant Nothing is a complex masterpiece that warrants multiple listens. Indeed, to be fully appreciated, it demands multiple listens. Read the full review at

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