As we start to dive deeper into the season, we can’t help but crave our favorite blankets, a nice warm cup of hot cocoa, and some soothing tunes to make the chilly weather that much more enjoyable. Since entering this subtle mindset, we noticed that our taste in music has started to digress to a more down-tempo vibe to match the low temperatures ahead. For some people, this might be a sign that festival season is over and it’s time to turn down for relaxation for the next few months, so that’s exactly what the ninjas have been doing. Helping us get to this serene state of mind is Toronto’s very own Free n Losh. The Canadian duo are notorious for their flawless work and we’ve become quite the fans of their music. Now that we have spent some quality time listening to their refreshing sounds, it’s time for us to obsess over something entirely new and vibey from the duo.

Today we are excited to share with you the latest from Free n Losh and their stunning remix of Odesza’s “It’s Only”, which features the sensational vocals from Zyra. When it comes to Odesza, we here at TMN have the utmost respect for these guys and the artistry that they resonate in their unique productions. Free n Losh decided to slow things down a bit with their take on “It’s Only” by throwing in charming electronic piano melodies, enchanting guitar riffs, and a sensual saxophone synth breakdown that will instantly send you into a peaceful state of mind. Free n Losh captured our attention from start to finish and that alone is a feat within itself. Their impressive sound design and unique approach to projects is reflected in their very work and today is no different. These two have given us the ideal remedy to drown out those horrible Monday sorrows and sink into a melting pot of pure ecstasy. We are pleased to premiere this movinga track with all of you ninjas today, so make sure to press play and let these delectable frequencies help guide you through the rest of your week.

’Odesza – It’s Only feat. Zyra (Free n Losh Remix)’
’Free n Losh – The Girl From Ipanema Remix’
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