Woah – this has gotten me craving more! New York born producer Clockwork has got his new EP Breaker coming out on 1st August under Lee Mortimer’s label Wearhouse Music and to wet your appetite he’s created an incredible minimix. Here’s the track listing:
1A. Two Left Feet
1B. Breaker
2A. Wzup
2B. Blackout

An absolute menace live and always ready to slay the crowds in LA, Clockwork is pumping out some of the most highly anticipated sounds in the EDM sphere and that’s after only 3 years of making beats and DJ’ing. This minimix is exactly how a minimix should sound with each track given enough space to build and drop. To say that I’m super excited about getting my hands on the full tracks once they’re released is an understatement… these tracks may well define my summer! 

Download: Clockwork – Breaker EP Minimix

’Clockwork – Breaker EP Minimix’
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