Days Like Smoke

It seems like these days, everyone is taking a second look at what they’re doing. Maybe it’s the economy. Maybe it’s the times. Maybe it’s just this generation. However you want to justify it, the fact remains that we’re all in search of our true passions.

Today’s premiere, from the up-and-coming LA band Owenstone, paints a portrait of a man standing on a freeway off-ramp with a sign, while wondering what would have been. Nathan Owen, the singer and songwriter of Owenstone, once spent months hitch-hiking and meeting other traveling vagabonds. The fascination with this lifestyle never wore off.

This emotional indie rock ballad features crooning vocals, playful guitar, and a dancy rhythm. Backed with some buzzing synths and classical string work, this tune has a lush soundscape that is visualized through this video directed by Susan Kemp.

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