With their distorted guitar-driven sound, intelligent lyrics, and slacker style, Pavement came to define independent rock in the 1990s. Just over ten years after the group’s dissolution, the members of the band have finally reconvened and selected 23 songs for this compilation, presumably because they feel these tracks best represent their career and serve as a good introduction to the uninitiated. Of course, any career-spanning compilation, particularly one from such a legendary group, will have its detractors—fans irked by the exclusion of their favorite tracks, or mystified by the inclusion of ones they deem inferior. pavementAnd indeed, this collection is no exception. While a vast majority of the disc’s tracks are inarguably brilliant, a few questionable selections keep this from being anything close to definitive. Read full review at inyourspeakers.com

Pavement – Gold Soundz

’Pavement – Gold Soundz.mp3′

Pavement – Shady Lane

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