A large part of the business is heavily rooted in relationships. You connect with people. You connect with artists. Through those connections you hear random side projects from the connections you’ve made. Percy and the Gunslingers is a new project from a very talented musician in Santa Monica, and we couldn’t be happier that he IMed us today.

Frankie Pedano is a seasoned musician, but this project we found particularly interesting. Part Fleetwood Mac, part Lana Del Rey, Percy and the Gunslingers have a truly classic and infectious sound. Take “Andrew” for example. Lead singer Ali Mills emotionally charged lyrics leads you to associations of Lana Del Rey and BETS. The simplistic rhythmic drumming compliments the soft guitar strumming and trumpets, and magnifies Mills’ haunting vocals. “Gunslinger” on the other hand has a pop structure with catchy powerful bluesy guitar riffs and saloon style piano breakdown. With such a dance inducing pop folk feel, pretty much anyone that hears this tune can’t help but picture themselves drinking some Coors Original dancin’ around a dive bar. Yes, I’m a Colorado boy, and enjoy the banquet beer. I digress.

Take a gander at these three tunes from their debut EP by clicking on the links below. These guys are already gaining attention, and it won’t be long before they get the attention they deserve.

’Percy and the Gunslingers – Andrew’
’Percy and the Gunslingers – Gunslinger Shuffle’
’Percy and the Gunslingers – Magnetic Metal’
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Percy and the Gunslingers