Runaway (feat. White Sea) [Remix]

New Orleans has a reputation for being a very musical place, so seeing one of its newest hometown heroes, Pell, on a swift ascent comes as no surprise. Over the past year, he’s been touring North America with Kindness, preparing for his festival debut at Buku, and recognized in Spotify’s Emerge program – all of which are reasons why we have him on our radar.

Today, Pell brings us a remix of his song, “Runaway,” that he created in collaboration with M83 & White Sea’s Morgan Kibby (Co-wrote numerous M83 songs, including the hit single “Midnight City”) and producer Ryan Spraker. Leaving the original’s stripped-down feel behind, the trio hits all the right spots on the new remix, using an array of revamped parts, melodies, and more for a track that’ll keep you coming back for more. Have a listen for yourself and check out Pell’s upcoming tour dates to see if he’s coming to a city near you.

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