The Brooklyn based indie-rockers Suckers released this gem of a song roughly a year ago. And while “Black Sheep” probably didn’t make into your Top 5 track list for 2010, it’s still a fantastic bit of music. Luckily for us, we have someone as skilled as André Anjos (perhaps better known to you as RAC) to remix songs like these and create something so utterly fantastic and catchy that not only captures and reminds us of a track that we love—like “Black Sheep”—but also reinvents the song into something even more enjoyable and beautiful.

In the case of this remix, RAC has reinvented what I once considered to be a fairly indie-rock song into a mixture of electro-pop and rock, and it sounds as fantastic as you would expect from someone like André Anjos.

RAC’s next album RAC Volume 2 is being released independently on Marth 4th, and you can listen to other songs that will be featured on the album here.

Suckers – Black Sheep (RAC Mix)

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