Every person has that one musician that just makes their insides light up. That special artist who connects with that listener on a deeper level and makes them come alive whenever they hear that artist’s undeniable sound. The artist that a person can pick out whenever they hear those familiar jazzy beats or those jaw-clenching drops or those addictive whimsical lyrics. Well this Saturday night at the Fillmore, one of this writer’s favorite musicians is making his first headlining appearance. Gramatik, a master of mixing, is bringing his addicting sound to the mountain state. His unique jazz like sound combined with old school vocals and instrumentals always leaves this girl’s music soul begging for more. Helping Gramatik throw down what is sure to be an epic night is none other than Mux Mool and Talib Kweli. And what is even better, The Music Ninja wants to give you tickets to check out this awesome show.

All you have to do is leave a comment below. Tell us why you want the free tickets. We’ll pick one lucky winner Wednesday at 3pm Mountain to get a free pair of tickets. You must be 18 and up, and you also must provide your own transportation to and from the show. While we’d love to send you in style, we unfortunately spent all of our budget on throwing stars.

’Gr4m4tik – Expedition 44’
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