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I recently got my V-Moda Crossfade LP Headphones a couple of weeks ago. I’ve played around with them, listened to a plethora of different kinds of music with them, tested their durability and just overall had fun with them, this allows me to write a full review about them.

I think it’s safe to say that it was love at first site with how sexy these headphones looked. Solid construction and undoubtedly durable all in a very nice looking hard case (see below).

These were without a doubt a significant upgrade from my earbuds that came with my iPod and upon receipt I just had to hear what my favorite albums sounded like on these headphones (albums like Miike Snow‘s eponymous debut, DJ Sasha’s “Airdrawndagger,” Cut Copy‘s “In Ghost Colours,” Daft Punk‘s “Discovery,” Goldfrapp’s “Black Cherry,” Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Fever To Tell,” Kaskade’s “Strobelite Seduction,” and The Kills’ “Midnight Boom” just to name a few).

Perks: These headphones come with a few extras: 2 sets of interchangeable cloth cables, iPod/iPhone remote and an inline mic.

Comfort: These over-ear headphones are super comfortable and stay on your head no problem. I’ve actually taken them to the gym this past week with me and they had no issues with falling off, whether I was doing weights or jogging. I also have my tragus’ pierced and they don’t jab my piercings into my ear canal. Going along the lines of comfort, many DJ’s can be seen sporting these headphones during their live sets (like Roger Sanchez and Morgan Page below). You know they must be comfortable and meant to stay on your head if a DJ would sport them for their (sometimes many hours long) sets.

Audio: Putting it bluntly, these headphones were made for BEATS and BASS…be it electro beats, dub step, hip hop or any variation thereof. The way these headphones project the bass just tickle and vibrate the hell out of your eardrums is almost out of this world – HOWEVER – if you are looking for a pair of headphones to get the most out of your rock/acoustic/folk experience, these are probably not the best headphones for you. Don’t get me wrong, selective bands like System Of A Down and The Kills blast on these, but for the more subdued rocker, these wouldn’t be the best investment in headphones for you.

Overall: Love them, a definite upgrade from earbuds or the complimentary set that comes with flying certain airlines. I would give them an A- overall and would recommend them to any music aficionado that was interested in getting more bass in their ears.

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