Let Go (ft. Kele & MNDR)

A little while back we posted a rather infectious tune from one of our favorite remixers, RAC. While we’ve enjoyed dancing around the office to Kele’s smooth vocals and MNDR’s energetic choruses, it’s about damn time we learn what they all mean. With that in mind, we decided to hook up with the legendary lyrical analytical abilities of Rock Genius. So, give a warm TMN round of applause to  Rock Genius Editor Adrian Spinelli, our guest ninja for today’s breakdown of “Let Go.”

While RAC has become the unofficial master of rock/electronica remixes, Portland-based André Allen Anjos dropped a single (“Let Go”) off of his upcoming EP ‘Don’t Talk To‘ (out Oct. 1) with the help of Bloc Party’s Kele and NY-based MNDR. The result is a beautiful song about a more than sympathetic lover who’d rather be a shoulder to cry on than a castigator of destructive behavior. You’re gonna wanna keep this one on repeat. Trust.

Press play and peep this Rock Genius lyrical breakdown:

5. “And they say you are a monster/ But what I see’s a child”

Kele is basically the greatest boyfriend ever. While many dudes will run away when they see their girl letting people get to her and almost falling apart at the seems, he chooses to focus on her inner beauty and what made him fall for her in the first place.

4. “Just try, Just try, just try to stay sober/ It’s eating you”

A lot of us have been there. Bastards got you down? Hit the bottle. But again, Kele pleads with the woman he cares about to chill out and lean on him instead of getting wasted.”

3. “You are golden, you are pure”

You just can’t help but think of The Outsiders and the classic “Stay gold Ponyboy” line. Her essence isn’t lost and he wants her to focus on what makes her an amazing companion.

2. “So let go, let go, let go of your fire/ Live it up til we crash and there’s smoke in the air”

MNDR’s sultry hook is the part that just makes you want to move your shoulders. It repeats until the “crash” and we feel the subject’s release as the line punctuates. In effect, we “Let Go” of our own qualms and release into the beat.

1. “Don’t be, don’t be so rough with me/ When you are a gem”

So clever. This line elicits the biggest smile of the jam. We already love Kele’s approach with the girl and he’s just so damn sweet with her. We’re rooting for her the same way we’re rooting for him now, cause he’s fully convinced us what a diamond she is.

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