Evian Christ is an artist from the UK who’s relatively new, making a name for himself through his dark, bass heavy, instrumental mixtape titled Kings And Them and quickly climbing the ranks of the DIY production scene. Christ’s choosing to remix “Primadonna” by Marina & The Diamonds, on the surface, seems completely unnatural- as the track was produced by Dr. Luke, who produces top 40 hits like its second nature- but in the end kind of makes sense.

Christ’s edits transform Marina’s original into something almost entirely new through chopping and dispersing the vocal patterns, which were the driving force behind the original track. Christ’s edits transform the vocal parts into samples and patterns that fit a new melody which very seldom resemble’s Marina’s track. Instead, Christ’s edits create a track that proves his ability as a producer to take a track and remix it until it feels like a completely new song. Stream below:

’Marina and the Diamonds – Primadonna (Evian Christ Remix)’
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