After the hype surrounding her sensational comeback single “Ruin,” Cat Power’s first record in six years is finally dropping this Tuesday on Matador Records, and we’re already head over heels in love with it. From the sultry intro to album opener “Cherokee,” you know this is going to be something special. Sun is somewhat inspired by Chan Marshall’s split from actor Giovanni Ribisi, but it’s not all doom and gloom on this album. Despite Marshall’s introspective and often poignant lyrics, there are moments of sheer musical euphoria, such as the anthem to partying solo “3,6,9”. The title track is a dark electro belter, while “Silent Machine” has all the soul and power we know Cat Power possesses. An album worthy of all the “Best of 2012” lists, Sun signals a much-needed return to the scene by one of music’s most innovative.

For a limited time, Sun is streaming in its entirety on NPR. Listen to “Ruin” and “Cherokee” below.

’Cat Power – Ruin’

’Cat Power – Cherokee’
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