Meg Myers

There’s no mystery around the fact that we’re huge fans of Meg Myers. Spawned out of an affinity for her music, and some rather quirky interview responses, she’s always held a little piece of our ears and hearts here at TMN. Today reinforces why we’ve come to love this LA based indie rocker, as we feature her newly released single, “Go.”

Harnessing classic women of rock like Joan Jett and Heart, Meg’s softly sung lyric float over twangy guitar riffs and eerie piano chords. The chorus of “Go” is anything but soft, breaking into a frenetic bout of power chords coupled with intense screaming that would make any punk lover proud. We’re once again left impressed by the ability to combine to vastly different soundscapes into one track, culminating in something that’s both raw and beautiful.

“Go” drops later this month (2/11) on her upcoming EP, Make a Shadow.

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