Before I was slinging up the latest-n-greatest indie rock, deep house cuts, and soulful folk gems here on TMN, you would have found me throwing my head back and forth to punk, emo, metalcore, and pretty much anything and everything that centered around top-notch, intricate guitar work. That music has somewhat fallen into the shadows of the music industry, but there are a few bands who are hoping to spark that flame that so many of us enjoyed.

Obvious acts aside, one group I’ve been digging into lately is Denver-based Mosaic, who’s demos made me pop up both brows with surprise. Simply put, these guys rip. Their lyrics and song structure remind me of one of my favorite throwbacks, Circa Survive, coupled with a degree of heaviness that tugs on my late-teen/early-twenties heart.

It’s not often you catch wind of someone who’s fusing pop-sensibility into their songwriting, alongside of beautiful complexity in instrumentation, but that’s exactly what Carl (bass), Erik (drums), Phillip (vox), Nema (guitar), and Zachary (guitar) are pulling off with ease. Below are my two favorites, with “Home” leading the way. Have a listen and then head out and support these cats.

’Playing with Fire’
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