Our favorite rock & rollers are finally here with their debut EP, Lights Out. Shiny Wet Machine have been unveiling this EP one track at a time, but all of them are hear now and available through the band’s online store. Released through Sizzy Rocket’s label Diet Punk, this five song project brings the heat, as well as a whole lot of punk attitude.

Lights Out kicks things off with two of our favorite records, “Euphoria” and “Stun Gun” which came out as singles before the EP. If you missed out on those treasures, no worries, they’re here for you today. The newly released “Spectrum” comes in at #3 on the tracklist, a more jam-driven record whose downtempo pace gives us a different stride on the overall project. “Chemical” picks things back up with it’s all out sound, one that ends quickly, like an explosion of pure punk. Lastly, “Hospitals” closes out the project as the most chill one. Overall, this EP is as good as it gets.

’Stun Gun’
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