The Bay Rays

The Bay Rays are about to get this blogger in trouble. I can feel the sting of the hangover right now, and when it happens, I’m placing the blame solely on Harry Nicoll, Maxwell Oakley, and Anthus Davis. You hear that, boys? This is your fault.

There’s nothing I can really do about it at this point. “New Home” stirs up the nostalgic, long-lost need to stomp around a small, sweaty venue, alternating PBR tall boys and Jameson shots as I belt out each lyric. Now, I’m not quite sure when this will happen, given that these up-and-coming rockers are all the way across the pond. Eventually, though, they’ll make the trip to Denver and this epic prophecy will be fulfilled.

Until then, we’ll happily throw this raucous gem into our regular rotation, routinely falling in love over and over with the frenetic guitars, crashing percussion, and twangy bass work. And, we can’t leave without mentioning the catchy-as-all-hell lyrics, which should have you singing along in no time. We picked them up after only a few hits of the repeat button, and we’re pretty sure you will too.

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