Before you get all up in arms about us featuring metal, take a deep breath, relax those fingers hovering above your keyboard, and delete that comment you were about to post below. You’re correct in assessing that we don’t really post metal. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find much on our site, outside of some instrumental post-metal or a handful of heavy dubstep remixes. However, our dojo does have a few metalheads in it, myself included.

But, none of that really matters. This month is all about our Resident Artist, Seven Lions. If you’ve paid any attention to him through the years, you know he has deep adoration for blazing fast, intricate guitar work, head-banging breakdowns, and guttural growls. With that in mind, we asked him to put together a playlist of some of his favorite metal songs.

So, stretch out that neck, throw on your headphones, and get ready to rock.

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Seven Lions