Sleeping At Last

For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting the next song from Sleeping At Last’s year-long collection, Atlas: Senses, you’re about to start your weekend off in the best of ways. For those of you who are just catching onto this golden-voiced Chicagoan, well, you’re a little late to the party, but this song will certainly kickstart a new-found musical love affair.

“Smell” is a part of the Senses EP, which will accompany other themed EPs like Life, Emotions, Intelligence, and Enneagram. As expected, each have their own distinctive flair, while still maintaining Ryan’s emotionally-charged style. Speaking of that impassioned approach, it certainly sits front and center in today’s premiere. The song welcomes listeners in with pensive, artfully crafted lyrics carried in on fluttering vocal vibratos. Light finger-picking accompanies the track, starting what will soon become a soaring gathering of piano and strings.

From start-to-finish, “Smell” is a highly engaging and winsome experience, leaving anyone who listens with the imminent need to dig deeper into past releases. We’ll make it easy on you. Click here to start that journey.

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