Zella Day
Sweet Ophelia

You know those beautiful stories of artists? I’m talking about ones where the artist has had music embodied in them since they were young?

Well, Arizona artist Zella Day is one of those musicians. Growing up in small Pinetop Arizona, this artist was inspired by a vast backdrop of natural beauty. Her family owned a small coffee shop where Zella was surrounded by other musicians and where she first began her musical endeavors performing sets of Elvis and Bob Dylan with just her guitar accompanying her. From there, Zella began writing songs, which we are all so thankful. Today, Zella released her song ‘Sweet Ophelia’, the A-side off her forthcoming debut 7” slated for release this coming spring. Zella has a rugged sound, with a twist of sweet sophistication in her voice. Her lyrics are rugged and truthful while being perfectly matched with instruments. Enjoy this beauty and much more to come.

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