Eternal Sunshine

We all need a little sparkly synth pop in our lives at some point, and Memoryy is dishing it out in spades with “Eternal Sunshine.” Bubbly harmonies, truncated chord stabs, and wonky synths trickle throughout the buoyant tune with an indie mindset in the vein of Passion Pit. Memoryy’s polished sound is easy on the ears, calling on all types of influence from alternative and indie circles, and even sprinkling a tiny bit of subtle tropical elements into the mix as well. “Eternal Sunshine” is just the midweek pick me up we all need with the cold really starting to settle in, so pop this on and think of sunnier times to get through these next frigid few weeks. Big thanks to Sunken Sounds for the heads up on Memoryy, and grab the free download of “Eternal Sunshine” here.

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