Salt Ashes

 Salt Ashes may be a name slightly foreign to our savvy readers, but rest assured it should not remain so for much longer. Much to our delight, rising 22 year old synth-pop starlet Veiga Sanchez just released her debut single “Somebody” under the Salt Ashes handle on Radikal Records, which is a brooding but ultimately uplifting allotment of pop instrumentation. “Somebody” immediately touched on this writer’s inner fanboy with a distinctly Giorgio Moroder roused MOOG synthesizer line, but not before Sanchez’ recurrent vocal hook teases its way into the fold to fully open the door on her powerful intonations. By the time the vocal track is completely unveiled, it incites celestial visions of “Wuthering Heights” era Kate Bush, but still pulses the right amount of sweaty dance floor images and excess as if you were seeing her perform at a super-club like Berlin’s temple, Berghain. Salt Ashes’ blend of dark Italo-Disco production and four to the floor rhythms pushes the singer’s soaring voice directly to the forefront of her music, and “Somebody” more than wrapped itself into our in-office playlist for an indeterminate amount of time. Stream “Somebody” above, and if it’s tickling your fancy like ours, purchase the mini EP here.

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