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[Future Trap] Lookas – Apollo


When artists, or in this case, producers, begin their careers, they have build a reputation for themselves by sticking to and mastering a specific genre. Over time, as the artist’s fan base builds and their name becomes much more prominent, we connect them to that single genre, and we think of them as experts in it. But what happens when the artists, whose music we thought we knew so well, decide to step outside the boundaries of the genre they became so recognizable for? As fans, we respond in a multitude of ways, from anger and disappointment to full on support.

In the case of Lookas’s fresh release, “Apollo,” fans will feel far from let down. Moving away from his popular festival trap style, Lookas steps into the territory of future, and divulges some secret versatility. The title, “Apollo,” both parallels and matches the musical style of the song as it explores his abilities in a different musical sector, and paints an otherworldly picture in our minds. Even from the beginning, the sound seems stranger to us, except we cannot help but feel intrigued. This intrigue continues the full length of the track, simultaneously revealing an incredible product. Grab the free download above, crank up the speakers, and get ready to be transported to another dimension.

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