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[Hip-Hop] Shiftee – Everything Is Litty feat. Dai Burger, Fly Kaison

Everything Is Litty ft. Dai Burger, Fly Kaison

New York City’s own Shiftee got litty with his latest single. Not only did he and fellow New Yorkers Dai Burger and Fly Kaison get litty, but everything did. Their collaboration “Everything Is Litty” has dropped via Alma Mater Records.

During this time of year, everyone’s bringing out their Summer hits and this happens to be Shiftee and company’s. From the start the feel good, laidback sound pumps away. The uplifting tone is perfect for any parties this season, whether it’s at a house, in a backyard or pool. “Everything Is Litty” is an unrelenting positive force that you should add to your digital library today.

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