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Here’s a fact for you: ETCHES has been criminally overlooked. The English quintet’s newest revelation, “LOVE IS,” tackles the ever-present conundrum that is the first half of the song’s title and goes about it in a refined and reflective manner. How is it that some of the best music we receive continues to come out of the UK, you ask? We don’t know, but hopefully it doesn’t stop.

ETCHES’ penchant for harmoniously fusing psychedelic leanings with the finer trappings of alternative rock define their message and tone in a way that is built with an inherent emotional appeal. While some of their previous tunes may throw around a little bit of reckless, but encouraging energy, this track feels smooth, developed, and executed precisely and soulfully. Sometimes you just need to shake things up with a little bit of good ol’ indie rock, and ETCHES is here to administer a crash course in it with “LOVE IS.”

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