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Creating a name for yourself as a band just trying to break out is an arduous process. However, when you find something that works, you run with it, and LISBON‘s most recent effort, “Shark,” delves into all of these feelings with a heavier style than their previous work. They certainly aren’t shying away from their opinion of the shadier side of things, and the tone they’ve created from the lyrics alone couples well with their exploration into broader and heavier instrumentation.

Many people have dealt with and seen the “sharks” they sing about, and LISBON clearly has no reservations when it comes to outing them in a song. A little courage goes a long way sometimes. For you UK fans, they embarking on a tour soon, and we’ve got the dates and tickets listed below. In the mean time, enjoy “Shark” while you search for a show near you!

UK Tour Dates (Tickets)

18th May, Oporto, Leeds

19th May, Independent, Sunderland

20th May, The Great Escape, Brighton

21st May, The Great Escape, Brighton

22nd May, Waterfront Studio, Norwich

23rd May, The Maze, Nottingham

24th May, Sound Control, Manchester

25th May, The Studio, Sheffield University, Sheffield

26th May, Fruit, Hull

27th May, Surf Café, Newcastle (sold-out)

28th May, Surf Café, Newcastle (sold-out)

29th May, Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh

31st May, Islington Academy, London

2nd June, The Buskers, Dundee

3rd June, Fibbers, York

4th June, The Cookie, Leicester

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